CloudHawk - A Complete View of your Cloud Security Posture for AWS

CloudHawk is a Cloud Security Platform that gives you a complete view of your Security Posture in AWS. CloudHawk employs passive and active monitoring of your AWS Cloud to identify security risks, mis-configuration and potential malicious activity via Advanced Anomaly Detection
Holistic Security and Compliance for your Cloud is available for all.

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How CloudHawk Works

No agent to install! The simple on-boarding process takes only a few minutes and you are ready to go. In a rush? We can expedite the process and you will be up and running in seconds
No Agent required. And we NEVER access your data.
We monitor your AWS Cloud to protect you and your customers from ever evolving cyber-security threats.

Global Solution

Analyze your Cloud deployment globally to provide a complete view of your current security posture. We make it easy to support all regions. We also tell you how to fix issues where it matters.

Advanced Cloud Protection

We help you protect your infrastructure. Using machine learning techniques we are able to identify aberrations within your deployment. Our threat intelligence feeds help us protect you from malicious actors. We provide actionable intelligence so you can focus on what matters.

Advanced Data Analytics

Learn what applications are running in your Cloud (shadow IT), see a complete graphical view of your entire deployment, and forensic details; all without active queries or manual setup. CloudHawk also manages point-in-time snapshots, so you can look back and see how your posture evolves, or track down attacks after the fact.

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Shine Light on Your Cloud

Illuminate your Cloud and gain complete visibility on your operations.

  • Monitor what applications and services are running and how they instances interact with each other. Make shadow IT a problem of the past.
  • Go back in time and identify events of interest after a breach or simply to see how your deployments have evolved.
  • Discover what resources and permissions are needed for your users, services and roles. See how to minimize your threat surface without impacting your operations.
  • Correlate network events with threat sources to identify suspicious behavior or mis-configured applications.
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